Energy efficiency, sustainability, circular economy: we hear about these topics every day. Thanks to the awareness which raised during the lockdown period, people have started to change their mindset on environmental issues.

We became more conscious about the importance of protecting our planet: this led to the development of new methos to optimize energy consumption and building’s efficiency in order to reduce our carbon footprint.



Retrofitting means to upgrade existing machines and plants by implementing efficient and sustainable technologies. The air filtration’s field, in particular, is characterised by strict rules and standards of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and this points out the need to improve ventilation units to ensure clean air and sustainability.

The efficiency of an Air Handling Unit (AHU) is strictly related to the quality of internal components: fans, filters and cooling or heating devices. That’s the main reason why retrofitting is crucial in the air filtration field: a plant can be simply upgraded by changing the internal devices.

There are several advantages in retrofitting an existing ventilation unit. In fact, the efficiency can be highly increased by replacing the traditional mechanical filters with FE SYSTEM electronic ones.

Active electronic filters are characterised by a high efficiency on nano and microparticles’ filtration. Moreover, FE SYSTEM has low pressure losses and cheap maintenance costs. Implementing this technology allows to respect new filtration standards while protecting the environment. Electronic filters can be completely renewed by simply washing them with water and detergent: this cuts down disposal costs and promotes circular economy.

Retrofitting also means energy saving. In fact, the HVAC/R systems can account for up to 40% of the building’s energy consumption. Therefore, implementing new technologies can really have an impact of energy costs.


Developing new technologies to promote a greener future has always been a cornerstone in Expansion Electronic’s core business. With its 40 years of research and development the company commits to create the best solutions to ensure a better air quality with low environmental impact.

Our constant research has led to the development of a filter that supports green transition. FE SYSTEM and the Expansion Electronic’s products thanks to the active electronic filtration are able to reduce Co2 emissions and the building’s carbon footprint.

According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, people spend 90% of their time in indoor places where air is often polluted. Poor air ventilation can badly affect human’s health. In these conditions, people can inhale viruses, bacteria, molds, dust and pollen.




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