Have you ever thought about how comfort inside buildings (such as offices, homes, schools...) is closely linked to indoor air quality (IAQ)?

We spend more than half of our lives inside buildings.
This is why the clean air resulting from the use of cutting-edge filtration technology within ventilation systems can truly change your life, for the better.

The term living comfort has now entered the vocabulary of all of us and indicates a state of well-being that people can achieve within a certain environment. A state that depends on a series of factors, such as temperature and humidity levels, air quality and noise intensity.

Living comfort first and foremost affects people's health by contributing to a reduction in the onset of diseases and, consequently, to a reduction in healthcare costs.


Indoor air quality is certainly essential for health, just as it is one of the determining factors for achieving optimal living comfort.
In fact, habitually breathing stale air favors the onset of allergies and respiratory problems.
Some studies also highlight that prolonged contact with micropollutant particles may be related to the risk of developing serious diseases such as cancer or diabetes.

The environmental aspect is also very important.
To achieve this state of well-being it is inevitable to consume energy.
This is why, in a context in which energy costs have a strong impact, being able to rely on filtration technologies with low pressure drops and regenerable becomes truly the key.
Both to respect the environment, by reducing harmful emissions (for example CO2), and to obtain savings on energy bills.



Expansion Electronic Srl has been working for over 40 years to ensure the best living comfort both for those purchasing a new property and for those preparing to start a renovation, offering a wide range of active electrostatic filters for the renewal and purification of the air.

With the implementation of Expansion Electronic's FE/FEL SYSTEM active electronic filters (link to our website filters' section: , you make your air treatment systems more efficient, connected and easily monitored thanks to their maximum safety and reliability.

Do you want to make your ventilation system "smart"?

Don't hesitate, contact us and implement our electrostatic filters!
Don't worry, thanks to their standardized dimensions and construction geometry, they adapt to any system without the need for modifications.

Look to the future and contribute with us to making the air increasingly cleaner by reducing management costs and respecting the environment around us for future generations.






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