The MONOLITE series was initially designed for the service sector but it is also suitable for large residential areas.

Not only does MONOLITE purify the air but it also improves breathing; MONOLITE is a synonym for hygiene, prevention, well-being and comfort.

 Its extremely low noise levels makes it go by almost unnoticed while its sturdy construction, the use of high quality materials and its outstanding performance levels make it an attractive and reliable product; a unique market benchmark. The MONOLITE series with active electrostatic filters comprises two models whose convenience and versatility are immediately evident.

Special installation kits allow these models to be mounted on walls and ceilings, or, for more demanding customers, on wheels so that they can be easily moved from one room to another without the need for installation.

All the versions are supplied standard with a user-friendly remote control unit.


Technical Sheet / Scheda Tecnica

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