This new series of industrial electrostatic filters is suitable to be insert inside the filtration modules in commercial/industrial kitchens and in agro-food applications where subsist the exigency to filtrate oils, fats and grease.

Their adoption grant a constant filtration efficiency and, thanks to a high oil accumulation and separation capacity, allow a huge energy saving and low pressure drops.

The main distinguishing characteristic of this filter is the bottom section of the capture blades, the shape of which has been purposely conceived to enable the dripping of high quantities of oily pollutants, with reduced formation of electric discharges between the plates.

In addition, the special mechanical construction ensures, also in the presence of emulsifying oils, that no electric discharges occur on the insulator, therefore providing high reliability in the long term.

The filter is manufactured in toughened aluminum without the built-in electronic circuit but with remote electrical supply, which can manage up to 6 filters at the same time. This system can be insert inside an industrial filtration plant already existing or to build from new. Thanks to a simply wash you can make an easy and fast maintenance of the electrostatic filter.


Technical Sheet / Scheda Tecnica




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