The REOCLEAN unit was designed and developed to be applied in the residential sector. In fact, with the constant increase in atmospheric pollution, to breathe good air inside our houses it has become an element of extreme importance.

REOCLEAN captures the outside air and through a filtration process returns clean air inside the living unit.

Thanks to its compact size it can be installed both on the wall and on the ceiling through special brackets supplied as standard.

Its main function is to integrate high efficiency filtration in CMV (controlled mechanical ventilation) systems where there is no space to intervene with the installation of a filter directly in existing units.

REOCLEAN is composed externally by a painted sheet metal structure and internally by a filter body with high filtration efficiency.

The active electrostatic filters installed inside the unit, model FCP system, are a premium, high-quality product, designed with a sustainable perspective to ensure maximum comfort. Furthermore, the filters, subjected to UL867 standard tests, passed the tests and obtained the UL certification, US standard that concerns the safety of equipment and specifically deals with the Safety of Electrostatic Air Filters.


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