Expansion Electronic considers the environment and its safeguard very important: we want to protect the quality of the air both in the external and internal places, guaranteeing high standard for the Indoor Air Quality, reducing or eliminating oil mists, dry fumes and general pollutants. This goal has been reached since 1981, respecting the environment and guaranteeing the best materials and technologies.

Expansion Electronic wants to respect the environment, since we strongly believe that is necessary to intervene in the depuration of the surrounding air without creating further pollution sources: for this reason, every product designed and built in our factories allows low environmental impact, since they are constructed with renewable and recyclable materials. In this way there’s no production of waste, which disposal would surely involve new polluting processes.

Furthermore, our products were realized in order to guarantee a life cycle which is much longer than the average of the other filters in the marketplace: their particular shape and the materials chosen for the construction allow to wash the electrostatic filter with a specific detergent when it’s full of pollution; this maintenance permits to obtain a clean, functional and efficient filter for at least ten years.

With this operation it’s possible to obtain not only an obvious environmental advantage, due to the preference to wash the electrostatic filter instead of to throw it away, but also an economic advantage, since it’s not necessary to make further investments in a new purification system, just in our cleaning products.

Further economic advantage is allowed thanks to the low power consumption of our products: in fact the exemplar design of the electrostatic filters allows to limit the pressure drops, which value keep itself constant in time. From this, it follows a remarkable saving, identifiable in a lower request of power for the operation of the Expansion Electronic electrostatic filter. In fact limiting the pressure drops means to reduce the resistance opposed by the electrostatic filter to the movement of the air flow avoiding the dust accumulation and, as a consequence, it’s translated into a lower request of electric power.

In addition to the low and constant pressure drops, Expansion Electronic guarantees products with high efficiency and constancy of filtration: thanks to the electronics incorporated in the filter and to the shape of the cells, we are able to offer products which filtration efficiency comes close to 100% during about all the life cycle of the filter, except to the moments in which the filter is full of dust.