Operating Principle

The filtration with the active electrostatic system consists of a two-phase system thanks to which it’s possible to obtain the precipitation of solid or liquid particles contained in the air flow through the action of an electric field.

In a first stage, the air that passes through the FE System electrostatic filter is subjected to the action of an electric field with positive ionization, generated by a powered wire with high electrical voltage placed between two plates connected to ground: that field causes the liberation of positive ions, generating a phenomenon known as "crown discharge". The electrical charges that migrate between the electrode and the grounded surfaces collide with the air particles present in the air flow, giving to them part of their positive electric charge.

In the second phase, the previously loaded gaseous flow crosses the electric field of catchment: this is constituted by positively charged plates and by plates connected to ground, alternately arranged.

Thanks to that shape of the FE System electrostatic filter and to the participation of the electrostatic force, the solid particles contained in the air are attracted to the catchment plates, since they are negatively charged, and rejected by the positively charged plates.

Periodically, depending on the concentration of the pollutants, it’s necessary to wash the filter with a particular detergent, studied to guarantee a better performance and a longer life cycle of the product.

The efficiency of an electrostatic filter is very high, comparable to an absolute filter, since it’s usually used for fine particles with less than 1 micron in size. Typical pollutants are cigarette smoke 0.5 to 0.3 microns, oil vapors 1 to 0.2 m, PM10, PM2.5, PM1, etc. The electrostatic filter efficiency is measured and tested by taking as a reference the particles with 0.4 um in diameter average.

How it was designed

Electronics incorporated

A distinguishing characteristic of Expansion Electronic electrostatic filters is the built-in electronics that generates the high voltage required to operate the filter. By multi-pole connectors you can connect multiple electrostatic filters to each other with only one power line (230V - 50HZ) and provide the alarm signal.


Every product of Expansion Electronic can be customized depending on the requests of its customers, so as to satisfy their multiple needs and to allow the perfect integration of each product in an easy and complete way in the space in which they find collocation. Some of Expansion Electronic’s products are already designed to be adapted in specific filtration sectors: the electrostatic filter for oil mists FEL SYSTEM, for example, is realized with particular capture blades which facilitate the dripping of high quantities of oily pollutants.


The FE / FEL electrostatic filters is constituted by a metal frame in aluminum that gets dirty accumulating on the inner plates the pollutant filtered. When the electrostatic filter is completely dirty it's enough proceed with its maintenance in water with detergent to remove grease and oily vapors.


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