The market for Air Handling Units (AHUs) and Rooftops is growing significantly, supported by more demanding requirements as per Laws and Regulations.

The efficiency of the components used inside the ventilation systems is improving although there are still immeasurable opportunities to make the AHU system more efficient in its entirety; opportunities that depend on the choice of fans, cooling and heating devices, humidifiers, shutters and in particular filters.

The use of obsolete filter media implies year after year, a considerable waste of money linked to high energy costs; it requires considerable periodic maintenance interventions and produces high emissions in particular, a significant increase in CO2 concentration (for more information about the importance of CO2 reduction and how our active electronic filters can help you in this challenge, visit the page dedicated to CO2 at the following link "CO2 EMISSIONS’ REDUCTION"

Recent studies conducted in Sweden affirm that the air handling units and rooftops, among the components of a building, are the ones that have the greatest impact on energy level and that the choice of a poorly performing filter media greatly influences the percentage of consumption in KWh/Y.


Energy Class





ePM1 70%

Filtration Class

ePM1 70%


Initial Pressure Drop



Final Pressure Drop



Annual Replacement



What does retrofit mean and why is it important to do so?

RETROFIT means adding new technologies or functions to an existing ventilation system, extending its useful life, reducing the amount of periodic maintenance, improving its quality and efficiency from an energy point of view (energy requalification) and pollutant abatement.

The reasons for which a plant should be subjected to RETROFIT are therefore manifold.

To choose the FE/FEL SYSTEM active electrostatic filters produced by Expansion Electronic, designed specifically to be implemented inside air handling systems, corresponds to considerably simplifying the upgrade of existing ventilation units.

RETROFIT becomes simple because Expansion Electronic active electronic filters have the same dimensions as mechanical filters (according to the EN15805 standard) and their implementation does not require structural changes to the system in which they are installed.

In addition, the active electrostatic filters have been patented with incorporated electronics. The on-board electronics allow their installation in series through simple multipolar connectors and being completely resin-coated (waterproof) greatly facilitates maintenance (it is not necessary to remove the electronic circuit from the filters in washing operations). Complexity of installation and timing related to connections and electrical connections are greatly reduced. All this can be carried out, without particular difficulties, by an electrician.

It should be emphasized that an old ventilation system generates high operating costs due to an obsolete filtration technology which, in order to maintain its filtration capacities high, requires the replacement of the filter media at least 3 times a year as reported by the regulations in force (UNI EN ISO16890).
This is because, during operation, standard filtration systems considerably reduce their filtration capacity and as they become saturated, the pressure drops increase. High pressure drops translate into high energy consumption. Frequent replacements and high energy consumption are directly proportional to the increase in CO2 emissions.

Proceeding with the RETROFIT by implementing the active electrostatic filters of Expansion Electronic allows to increase the efficiency of the systems up to ePM1 95% (depending on the air crossing speed on the filters and the characteristics of the ventilation unit) and, at the same time, to reduce energy consumption up to 30% per year in medium ventilation systems. If the upgrade of the filtration system is combined with an upgrade of the fan (for example, replacement of a belt motor with a plug fan + integrated inverter) and optimization of the operating cycle, energy consumption can be reduced up to 80%.

Furthermore, the active electronic filters being made of 100% aluminum, a regenerable and recyclable material, guarantee a significant reduction in the management and maintenance costs of the units. Maintenance consists in a simple washing with water and detergent, and they do not need to be replaced. Their life is equal to that of the systems in which they are installed.

The RETROFIT of the standard filtration systems with the active electronic filters of Expansion Electronic is increasingly requested by customers operating in different sectors thanks to their ability to adapt to countless applications.

Advantages of RETROFIT with Expansion Electronic FE/FEL SYSTEM active electrostatic filters:

  1.  Certified filtration efficiency, high and constant over time
  2.  High and constant hygienic, antiviral and antibacterial effect
  3.  CO2 emissions reduction
  4.  Very low and constant pressure drops over time
  5.  Reduction of management costs (filter that can be regenerated by washing with water and detergent)
  6.  No replacement required
  7.  Energy consumption reduction up tu 30% per year
  8.  Long life cycle (equal to the machine itself)
  9.  Replacement of standard filtration systems simplified thanks to EN 15805 / ASHRAE standard dimensions
  10.  Easy installation thanks to built-in electronics and multipolar connection
  11.  Made of 100% aluminum (recyclable material)
  12.  Sustainable filtration
  13.  Respect for the environment due to the total reduction of plastic and other materials that are difficult to dispose of
  14.  Preservation of the planet for future generations



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